Only One Earth

We have only one earth…

Why don’t we look after it better! That’s why you hear key words like climate change, ocean sustainability with scary headlines that humans are killing of our nature around us… This is not fair to everyone who lives on our lovely planet called earth…

TechTribe.UK understands the impact we have on earth from the pollution to the destruction caused by our waste material to sourcing sustainable paper, inks and other materials used to deliver our sessions, events and activities across our project across London, UK and the world.

We will aim to reduce our carbon footprint where possible promoting accessible transport solutions to our key stake holders and participants to our activities with venues that are located as close to public transport as possible and make where possible available green transports access like cycling, walking easier and promoted as an option.

We will investigate, select, design, deliver and reuse as many items as possible and become sustainable in our delivery of communication material.

We will open a donation/upcycling/recycling project to corporate/institutions organisations on tech items like laptops, projectors etc. to help our makers participants and volunteers to learn new skills make the lives of tech live longer not end up dumped in bin at the land fill causing soil contamination and local pollution for many generations to come. It would also help us increase our much needed stock on laptops and equipment like projectors etc that will help increase our impact.

We have more approaches planned so keep an eye out if you think you can help us become greenerĀ  or greener sustainability than contact us or volunteer to promote ‘only one earth’ project.