Donate equipment, resources or skill to help us keep our content cutting edge but also open and inclusive to all.

We appreciate any sort of equipment, resources, skills, venue space donation but anything related to our work would help allow us to spread our work but also provide a larger positive impact to larger audience across the UK.

Please email hello at this domain name with your query related to donation or fill out the resources donation form below.


We are actively looking for the following from summer 2018 *working equipment 

  • Laptops (linux/mac/windows) [you are welcome to provide them without hdd]
  • Desktops [only gaming standard machines or small/medium form factors (portability is essential)]
  • Tablets/iPads (Apple/Andriod)
  • Projectors (HDMI input/VGA Input)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Unos
  • Extensions Power lead Cables**
  • Anything else that can help deliver our work inc new tech like VR/3D Printers

*Which is safely operating; if equipment has any damage or need repair / parts replacement can you please let us know before donating it to us.
**PAT Tested would be preferred but not necessary if safely operating we will get it tested. 🙂

We for supporting TechTribe.UK

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